Pile Jackets

Fabriform® Pile Jackets are used as an economical and durable system to repair and strengthen submerged structural members. They are lightweight and easy to handle, so there is no need for heavy machinery to install. Each Pile Jacket is made to the exact dimensions for each project.

Fabriform® Pile Jackets are made from high strength nylon woven to create a water-permeable fabric similar to the fabric used for Fabriform® mats. The fabric is designed to retain the solids in the concrete mix therefore allowing installation under water.

Simplified steps to install the Fabriform® Pile Jacket include these: (1) Excavate seafloor (if necessary), (2) Clean the pile, (3) Install reinforcing (if necessary), (4) Hang the Fabriform® Pile Jacket, (5) Inject concrete, (6) Remove hanger system.

Short Pile Jackets (or Mud Jackets) are mainly used where only the bottom portion of a pile needs protecting. They are installed a few feet below the mud line to the mean high water elevation (or high tide elevation) or an elevation on the pier that needs repair/protection.

Fabriform® Pile Jackets are excellent for bridge piers, dock and pier piling, mooring dolphins, etc.

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