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Fabriform® Installation Specialists

What is Fabriform®?
Fabriform® is an economical, concrete-forming system used to protect soil from erosion. The Fabriform® system utilizes a specially woven, double-layer fabric made of 100% continuous multifilament high-tenacity nylon yarn. For added filtering characteristics, adhesion and external reinforcement, 50% of the nylon yarns, by weight, are textured.

The Fabriform® is field sewn at the jobsite, laid in position on a prepared grade and then filled with a highly fluid concrete mix by means of pumping. The fabric is designed to retain the solids in the concrete mix, therefore allowing installation under water as well as in the dry. Once the Fabriform® is filled, the installation process is complete with no forms to remove or any further curing needed. Fabriform® is a simple and cost-effective method of erosion control.

This system has allowed for fast and economical construction of erosion protection for almost 50 years. Fabriform® was developed and patented by Construction Techniques, Inc in the mid-1960's and is still the leading manufacturer of high-quality, fabric-formed concrete revetments.

There are three main styles of Fabriform®: Filter Point (FP), Unimat (UM), and Articulating Block (AB). Some of the determining factors for the selection of style are; soil condition, ground water, wave action, water flow, and depth.

Protection from erosion worldwide.