RTC Southern

About Us

RTC Southern, LLC was founded by Cindy Garrison, Thomas Atkinson, and Richard Wicker. The founders of RTC Southern, LLC have 60+ years of combined experience in the Fabric-Formed Concrete Revetment Industry.

RTC Southern's knowledge of the Fabriform system is extensive. Some things that set us apart from other Fabric-Formed Revetment installers is our ability and willingness to work with owners and engineers during the design and budget phase of a project. Getting the project properly designed from the beginning can save the owner money, time, and possible problems in the future. Another is our flexibility to changes in the field. Most of our installations are "field-fit," meaning we perform almost all of the fabricatioin on site. By field fitting the Fabriform®, we can create just about any shape and size imaginable. Yet another is our willingness to assist contractors in Value-Engineering the Fabriform® system in lieu of other types of revetments (rip rap, precast units, etc.). This can save the owner and contractor money and time on a project.

We perform small installations of 300 square feet pipe protections to large installations exceeding 500,000 square feet, all in a multitude of applications. Being the installer of choice for many contractors, engineers, and owners makes RTC Southern one of the premier Fabriform® installers on the East Coast.

Our commitment to owner, engineer, and contractor satisfaction is exhibited through communication, trust, and the understanding of our clients' needs. By striving to serve our clients as trusted allies and loyal business partners, we are able to work more efficiently, keep costs low, and complete projects on-time and within budget.

Safety is a primary concern at RTC Southern, LLC. Since our founding, we have kept our work-related injuries at ZERO, and we strive to continue the same safety attitude every day.

Management Team

Cindy Garrison is a graduate of Indiana University of Pennsylvania with a BS in Marketing and the University of North Carolina at Greensboro with a BS in Accounting. Prior to the establishment of RTC Southern, LLC, she worked for 20+ years as the Controller/Business Manager for a construction company specializing in the installation of Fabric-Formed Concrete Revetment and other heavy/civil projects. As a founder of RTC Southern, LLC, Cindy brings to the Company her expertise in financial management, contract administration, and knowledge of bonding and insurance.

Thomas M. Atkinson is a graduate of East Carolina University with a BS in Construction Management. Having many responsibilities in the organization, he always looks forward to assisting clients in selecting the Fabriform® style that best fits their particular needs. In addition to his extensive knowledge of and experience with Fabriform revetments, his background also consists of heavy/civil and highway construction. His previous employments with Gilbert Southern Corp (now Kiewit Southern), Blythe Construction, and Tri-State Consultants allowed him the opportunity to work in supervisory and managerial positions in Georgia, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Puerto Rico. Thomas has been involved in projects exceeding $25 million, and he holds many U.S. Army Corps of Engineer and OSHA certifications.

Richard S. Wicker is one of the most experienced and highly-praised installers of Fabric-Formed Concrete Revetments in the United States. He has been installing Fabriform® for over 30 years and has installed almost 10 million square feet. Richard has installed Fabriform® in various applications ranging from drainage ditches and canals to lakes and harbors, in the dry as well as sub-aqueous. Richard holds both an OSHA Safety Certification and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Contractor Quality Control Supervisor Certification.

Employees and Equipment
The employees of RTC Southern, LLC are the most valuable assets of the company. Many of our crew personnel have several years of experience in Fabriform® installations, including a seasoned Fabriform installation foreman of over 25 years. Keeping employee attrition low is important because countless hours of on-the-job training are vital to a productive and cohesive crew.

All of RTC Southern's equipment fleet is company owned, and we continuously make certain that all of our equipment is properly maintained. Our preventative maintenance schedule ensures us less down time due to equipment malfunctions.