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Articulating Block

Articulating Block (AB)
4"AB, 6"AB, 6"AB n-s, 8"AB
The Articulating Block style is a form for casting-in-place heavy-duty, rectangular, concrete blocks in a staggered-joint pattern. The 6"AB style comes in a staggered and a non-staggered configuration. This revetment style can be reinforced by inserting nylon cables between the two layers of fabric. The embedded cables allow the cast-in-place concrete blocks to flex (articulate) with changing soil and water conditions.

4" Articulating Block
The smallest in the AB style, the 4"AB is used where soil consolidation or changing water conditions may occur.

6" Articulating Block and 6"Articulating Block non-staggered
The most common AB style, the 6"AB is used where soil consolidation or changing water conditions may occur and added weight is advised. The larger size gives greater scour protection. The 6"AB comes in a non-staggered configuration as well.

8" Articulating Block
The largest in the AB style, the 8"AB gives the greatest protection from scouring, changing soil and water conditions and abusive wave action.

Some areas of installation for any of the Articulating Block Fabriform® are: bridge piers and abutments, water control structures and dams, Intra-coastal waterways and shoreline protections, turning basins in ports and marinas, boat ramps, sub-aqueous pipelines, landfill covers, dikes and levees, and other areas that are susceptible to more severe wave action or increased flow velocities.

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  AB n-s (non-staggered)”.